Safely Storing Your Propane Tanks

Propane can serve as a cost-effective and efficient fuel source for a variety of appliances and machines. If you rely on propane on a daily basis, having an adequate supply of fuel available at all times is important. Storing tanks and cylinders filled with propane requires caution and attention to detail.

Here are three tips to keep in mind as you store your propane tanks to ensure that the storage process is completed safely in the future.

1. Store propane tanks in a well-ventilated area.

In order to ensure that a toxic buildup of gas doesn't compromise the safety of your storage area, you need to ensure your propane tanks are stored in an area that has proper ventilation. Although propane tanks are designed to be airtight, there is always the possibility that a tank will become unstable and begin to leak. 

When your storage area has proper ventilation, any propane leaking from a weak tank can dissipate. Propane that accumulates within a storage area can become highly combustible, so proper ventilation is critical when it comes to the safe storage of your propane tanks in the future.

2. Store tanks on elevated shelving.

You should make it a point never to store your propane tanks on the ground. Even the most impervious surfaces could be susceptible to water accumulation or condensation over time. Since propane tanks are often made from metal alloys, these tanks could begin to rust if exposed to moisture over an extended period of time.

Rust weakens the structural integrity of propane tanks, leaving them susceptible to leaks. Storing your tanks on elevated shelving ensures they will be protected from potential water accumulation that may occur on the floor of your storage area.

3. Store propane tanks upright.

You should never place your propane tanks on their side during storage. It is essential that the relief valve and the vapor space within the storage tank are in constant contact with one another during storage.

When standing upright, this direct contact is ensured. If you place your propane tanks on their side, the vapor space will change positions and leave the relief valve in direct contact with the propane inside the tank. This could lead to dangerous leaks, so be sure that your tanks are upright when placed into storage.

Taking the time to ensure that your propane tanks are stored properly will help improve the safety and performance of your fuel source over time. To learn more, contact a company like Ferrell Fuel Co Inc.