Maintaining A Commercial Heating And Air Conditioning System

The heating and air conditioning in a commercial building is very similar to a residential building, but on a much larger scale. Since the system needs to be well maintained or major problems can arise, and major problems usually mean major expenses. If you are the manager of your company, it is important that you keep the heating and air conditioning in your building up to par. So, it is going to be important that the system is well maintained. Here are a few of the most important aspects of maintaining your commercial heating and cooling system.

Air Ducts

You will need to have the commercial air ducts cleaned at least twice a year. In a residential building you can get away with cleaning the air ducts on a yearly basis, but with commercial buildings it is important that it happens twice as often. If the air ducts are not cleaned, dust and other debris can start to clog the air ducts and cause the system itself to be put under more strain than necessary. This just means that the system is much more likely to have major problems. The strain also causes the system to use more energy, so your energy bills will go up. 

Air Compressor

The air compressors will usually be on top of the building and it is very important that these compressors are well taken care of. One major problem that the compressors can encounter is being off level. The compressor has coils that allow coolant to run through, and if the compressor is not level, then the coolant is not able to flow like it should be. This can cause major problems through the entire system. The compressors also need to be completely free of debris, and should be able have air flow freely through the fins. Make sure that the compressors are checked before and after summer.


Perhaps the single most important maintenance item in a heating and cooling system is the air filter. If any amount of dust or other debris is able to get into the system, the entire heating and cooling system can be ruined. The air filter needs to be cleaned, or preferably changed out, on a regular basis. Hire a technician to come and inspect the system month to month. The monthly checkups will ensure that the air filters are clean, but also the little bit of money that it takes to have a technician inspect your system, could end up saving you thousands in big repairs.

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