Tips For Packing Your Moving Boxes In Portland OR

If you're relocating, chances are good that you'll need a great deal of moving boxes to get the job done. The key to a successful, stress-free move is to choose and pack these boxes wisely. Below you'll find some tips to help you with your moving boxes in Portland OR. 1. Don't choose boxes that are too big. While the largest boxes available may hold a lot, they might also be too heavy to lift or too awkward to carry. Much more can be done in the same amount of time if you choose boxes that are smaller and easy to transport. 2. Pack like things together. Packing like things together makes unpacking a breeze. Label boxes with their corresponding rooms, and be organized about the way you pack. All sheets should go together in one box, all books in another. It may take a little extra time to pack, but you'll gain that time back in unpacking. 3. Add security to your boxes with tape. Some moving boxes need to be assembled before they can be used. These boxes should always be secured with tape along all of their seams. Furthermore, tape the top of the box well after it is packed to prohibit the items from moving around and getting damaged during the moving process. When moving, do it right by choosing the right moving boxes in Portland OR, and packing them correctly. Spending a bit of extra time packing will ensure a stress free move, and make unpacking an easy endeavor.