In Wayne County NY, Auto Glass Repairs Are Done Carefully

In Wayne County NY, auto glass repairs are done carefully, especially if the broken glass is in one of the side windows that rolls down. If the window was all the way up when it broke, chances are most of the glass fell outside the car or into the seats. The repair people will carefully remove as much glass as possible so it is safe for you to sit in the seats in your car. Luckily auto glass tends to break into noticeable pieces and not slivers, but the shop will be careful and try to get everything, no matter how large or small the pieces. However, if the window broke as you were lowering it or while it was already partially lowered, you could have loose shards of glass inside the door, depending on what else happened to the window mechanism when the glass broke. In Wayne County NY, auto glass repair shops will try to retrieve as many pieces as possible. If they have the tools to open up the door and get the rest of the pieces inside, they will do so. If you leave shards of broken glass inside the door, they could cause the window mechanism to jam, or they could scratch the new glass as you raise and lower the window.