The Benefits Of Using Urethane Rollers In Your Production Or Manufacturing Process

Does your industrial or manufacturing firm use a variety of rollers to spread out a material, put paint onto a product, or for some other purpose? If some of your rollers have seen better days, you may be looking to purchase some replacements. But if you are not yet using polyurethane rollers to get the job done, you might be giving up some benefits that could make things easier for your employees or your business. Here's why you might want to stock up on or switch to urethane rollers.

Polyurethane Won't Rust or Corrode Like Some Metals

Do your rollers come into contact with some kind of liquid during production? Is there a lot of humidity or moisture in the air because of the nature of your work? If so, you might have had issues in the past with corrosion or rust for some of your metal rollers. Perhaps you've had to put a treatment onto these rollers in order to get them to last longer and stand up to corrosion issues. With polyurethane, you'll no longer have to worry about this, as the material is resistant to corrosion and rust on its own. This means fewer maintenance headaches and less downtime to apply a new protective coating to the roller. You'll be able to just put your new rollers in place and get right to work without really having to think about the rollers too much ever again.

Polyurethane Won't Leave a Mark or Damage the Material You Are Using the Rollers On

Some other types of rollers can cause issues for your materials or final products. A metal roller, for example, may accidentally dent or damage the material if something happens that jostles the equipment or causes it to move across the surface with more force than normal. A rubber-based roller may have issues with leaving marks or streaks on your materials or final products because rubber often includes carbon which is a material that can wipe off onto other objects. With polyurethane, both of these potential problems will simply go away. This might mean you'll have better quality control and you'll also save money because you won't accidentally damage a product during production and have to start over.

Greater Durability Thanks to Less Wear and Tear Over Time

It's been mentioned that urethane rollers are durable thanks to standing up to corrosion and rust, but the material is also durable in that it may accumulate less wear and tear over time from the simple act of rolling back and forth. This means that your urethane rollers are a better long-term investment and you won't have to replace them as often in the years to come.