Why Doing Gas Well Abandonment The Right Way Is So Important For The Environment And Your Company's Reputation

Does your company own a gas well that you are planning on moving on from? If you will still own the property the gas well sits upon, you are responsible for making sure that the well is plugged or closed off the right way. Proper gas well abandonment will ensure that there are no environmental issues or significant damage to your company's reputation. Here's why you should reach out to a gas well abandonment solutions firm to assist you with this task.

Gas Could Contaminate the Air, the Ground, or the Local Water Supply

First, what can go wrong when an abandoned gas well is not shut down and plugged the right way? An open gas well can let out methane gas into the air and cause a lot of contamination if left open for a long time. It's also possible that oil could work its way into the ground and eventually into the local water supply.

You Could Be Fined or Face Reputation Damage If the Problem Is Discovered

When you just abandon a well without shutting it down properly, you are leaving yourself open to trouble. If you still own the property the well sits on, the authorities are going to hold you responsible if measurements show that pollution is occurring in the air or in the ground or water supply. This will likely result in a hefty fine and maybe even some unflattering stories in the press about the damage your company has caused to the local environment. You'll then be responsible for paying to get the well plugged properly anyway, in addition to possibly having to pay for any environmental damage you've caused in the surrounding area.

It Gives You Peace of Mind and Makes Sure You Move On the Right Way

When you close down a gas well, you need to make sure no methane escapes into the air and that any oil or other substances in the gas well do not make it out into the surrounding soil. Your company might not have the expertise needed to do this properly. By hiring an expert with experience in this area, you can have peace of mind from knowing that your company is doing the right thing and that there won't be future issues to deal with like pollution or an angry public or government.

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