Keys To Successfully Applying Zinc Nickel Plating To Automotive Parts

In the automotive industry, zinc nickel plating is often used to prevent corrosion and enhance the visual properties of parts. In order to get these amazing qualities, you have to approach this plating process carefully.

Find a Way to Fully Immerse Parts

So that every portion of your automotive parts are able to benefit from zinc nickel plating, make sure you find a way to fully immerse them. There should be no parts left out of the plating process because that would leave areas vulnerable to problems like corrosion and surface damage.

Baths filled with zinc nickel plating chemicals are great resources for conveniently applying these coats to automotive parts in their entirety. As long as these baths are free of contaminants, you'll be able to cover every inch of each part to ensure it leaves you with superior results.

Roughen up the Surface

The surface properties of your automotive parts make a huge difference in how the plating turns out. Ideally, you want the surface to have a rough texture because that's generally when this plating can adhere the best. You won't have to worry about it coming off or leaving your automotive parts exposed to rust and other problems.

To roughen up the surface of your automotive parts, you can use a sandblaster. It's a powerful tool that is also relatively easy to work over your automotive parts. Once you've achieved an optimal rough surface, your zinc nickel plating process will go a lot smoother.

Determine the Ideal Number of Coats

With zinc nickel plating, you have the ability to put multiple coats on your automotive parts. You want to figure out how many coats are ideal so that your automotive parts have the right properties, but you don't waste any of the product and spend more money.

Think about where your automotive parts will be and how they'll be used. That can help you come to a conclusive decision about the ideal number of coats. If you're not sure, then you can consult with an experienced plating contractor to see how many layers they would suggest.

Zinc nickel plating is one of the more versatile finishes that can be applied to materials. It works exceptionally well for automotive parts that need extra durable properties to last. Using the right plating practices, this finish will help you make better automotive parts that clients are able to benefit from. 

To learn more about zinc nickel plating, contact a professional near you.