Need To Buy A Chemical Metering Pump? 2 Types To Choose From And Accessories You Should Also Purchase

If you have been told that you need to purchase a chemical metering pump and are not familiar with them, you will find this difficult to do. To help you, below is information about two types of chemical metering pumps available. You will also find information about some accessories you should purchase to go with the metering pump you purchase.

Types of Chemical Metering Pumps

There are two main types of metering pumps on the market. These types are determined by the type of mechanism the pump uses to regulate the flow rate of the chemicals.

The first type is known as a fixed displacement metering pump. This type adjusts the flow of chemicals depending on how fast the motor is running. This ensures the right amount of chemical flows through the pump at each rotation.

Another type is known as a variable displacement metering pump. This type adjusts the flow rate of the chemicals so that is moves consistently no matter how fast the motor is running. The flow rate can be adjusted by changing the amount of the bypass fluid or by changing the stroke length.

Chemical Metering Pump Accessories

No matter if you choose a fixed displacement or variable displacement metering pump there are accessories you should purchase to go with it. Some of these accessories include:

  • Y-strainer: This is a chemical dosing pump. This will ensure the right amount of chemicals are dosed each time the metering pump motor rotates.
  • Calibration columns: This will check the pressure of the pump for you. This is important because if the pressure changes it will cause the pump to have problems. With a calibration column you can quickly calibrate and measure the injection pump's output.
  • Pressure relief valve:  This accessory will ensure the chemicals being dosed are at the right pressure and rate. You can adjust the relief valve to change the pressure depending on the metering application you are using.
  • Pressure gauge:  This checks the pressure of the relief valve and the back pressure valve to ensure it is set correctly.
  • Leak detection pressure switch:  This accessory is beneficial as it measures if there are leaks even if the leak is very small. This is beneficial as there may be cases where you would not be aware of a leak until it became very large.

Talk with the salesperson where you purchase your LMI Roytronic metering pump to learn much more about them.