3 Things To Do Before Rebuilding Your Hydraulic Cylinder

When it's time to rebuild your hydraulic cylinder, you might decide to do it on your own. Many people have luck with their own hydraulic cylinder rebuild, but you'll need to do a few things first so that you're prepared for the job.

1. Purchase the Right Rebuild Kit

For one thing, you can always purchase the parts that are needed for rebuilding your hydraulic cylinder separately. However, having to find all of the seals and other parts for your hydraulic cylinder can be a pain. Instead, you can purchase an entire rebuild kit. Then, you'll know that you have all of the parts that you need, and you can make sure that they will all work together and that they will fit on your hydraulic cylinder properly. You can typically get the part number and other information that you need to purchase the right rebuild kit by looking at the end of your hydraulic cylinder, where this information might be printed. You'll also need to make sure that you're buying a rebuild kit for the right brand.

2. Make Sure You Have the Right Tools

Of course, you will need to have the right tools to swap out all of the parts on your hydraulic cylinder. You will probably need wrenches in a few different sizes. The information about the different tools that you are going to need for your hydraulic rebuild may be printed on the box or in the instructions that come along with your rebuild kit. You can purchase these tools, or you can rent them if you think that you will only need them for the rebuilding project.

3. Set Up a Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilding Station

Along with having the right tools, you'll need to set up a place to work so that you can rebuild your hydraulic cylinder. You may need cinder blocks or a jack so that you can hold your hydraulic cylinder up while you're working on it, and you'll need space to work, spare shop rags for wiping things down and other necessities. Having them all set up when you get started can help you make the rebuild project a little easier.

With the right parts and tools and a little bit of patience, you might be able to rebuild your own hydraulic cylinder. If you follow these steps and still have trouble with getting your hydraulic cylinder rebuilt, you can contact a repair professional to help you with rebuilding it.