FAQs About Soil Boring Tests For New Homes

Prior to the placement of the foundation for your new home, several tests are conducted to ensure that the ground is the right location for your home. One of those is the soil boring test. If you plan to use a well or your home will have a basement, the test is especially important. 

Why Is a Soil Boring Test Needed?

A soil boring test is used to collect data about the soil on which your new home will be built. The test helps contractors determine whether or not the soil is strong enough to support the foundation of the home. In the event that the soil is not good for the home, the contractors can take measures to potentially correct the issue. 

The test also helps to determine if the soil is contaminated. If you are planning to have a well on your property, this is especially important. Depending on the contaminant, the contractor might need to have the soil removed or treated before the well can be dug. 

How Is the Test Conducted?

In order to collect the necessary samples, an engineer will drill or bore into the ground. Samples of the soil will be taken at various depths. Boring has to be conducted by a professional because, without the proper technique, the soil conditions can be disturbed. As a result, collecting a good sample of the soil to be tested will be complicated. 

Once the soil is collected, it is analyzed for various factors, including pH levels and the soil electrical resistivity levels. The density of each layer of soil is also measured in the test. 

Are Other Tests Needed?

Although a soil boring test provides your contractor with a range of information about the location on which your home will be built, there is still more data that needs to be collected. For this reason, contractors and engineers will conduct several other tests. 

For instance, a standard penetration test, or SPT, could be used. The test offers engineers a way to measure various properties of the soil without the need to remove the soil. Instead of sending samples to the lab, the soil is analyzed at the site. 

Consult with a contractor like Uni Tech Drilling Company Inc. to learn more about the soil boring test that will be conducted on your property. If additional testing is required, he or she can explain which tests and the purpose before you sign off on them.