We Use Pioneer Seeds In Good Hope IL For The Farm

On the farm we have a need for hybrid seeds. Hybrid seeds take out all that is bad about a plant. Like there are seedless tomatoes and watermelons that are from hybrid seeds. There are also seeds that have been altered to keep pests off of them. There are tons of reasons that they make hybrid seeds. It is to get food without problems or mistakes. Like the orange that is seedless and easy to peel. It is all because of hybrid seeds. The DuPont Pioneer Company engineers these Pioneer seeds for planting. Here on the farm we use Pioneer seed in Good Hope IL all the time. This past summer we grew a large crop of watermelons and used hybrid seeds from the Pioneer seed company. The watermelon seeds that we bought were seedless. The seeds also kept certain pests away. When the watermelons grew they were pretty and quite fruitful. We have planted other crops from Pioneer seed in Good Hope IL. We planted some sweet yellow corn, which is known to be the pioneer seed for Pioneer seeds. The ears of corn get nice and tall for the fall. We have made a corn maze in the past for trick or treators.